What do you have in your hand?

Then the LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied.

Exodus 4:2


What is that in your hand? What do you have in your possession? (verse)

The thing you have in your hand will make the difference. It may look useless, insignificant and powerless but as long as you place it in God’s hands, miracles will happen. Many a people look for miracles everywhere but in their hand.


Consider these truths:

  • In the case of Moses, it was his rod versus the red sea.
  • With King David, his sling and a small stone against Goliath’s mighty sword and shield.
  • With the little boy, five loaves and two fishes versus over twenty thousand (20, 000) starving people.
  • Noah’s primitive tools versus the floods and the salvation of all living things.
  • Peter and John said silver and gold they had none, but such as they have (Holy Spirit’s anointing) the cripple began to walk.


Don’t look for miracles elsewhere. It’s right at your hand. You’ll see great things happen when what you have is put in God’s hands. So, what have you got in your hands?

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